Junior Codes of the Quran

Every Saturday evening, we hold this program for 11-14 year olds. We help strengthen their spirituality and mentorship to overcome obstacles in life.


Middle School kids have a chance to sit with mentors to discuss problems that life throws at them.  They even get a chance to work out ways to implement Islamic manners and ideals into their daily routines. Join us on Saturdays, during the Junior Codes of the Quran event, to become part of this journey of growing up as a successful person.



We hold shorter Qiyams for the 10-13 age group ranging from 6pm-10pm once every season.


We had an outing at Flight Trampoline in March. It was so exciting to build relationships, friendships, and have fun together. Check back here for more outings, and join us by contacting [email protected] We have outings once a month, so don’t miss out!