MAS Public Affairs & Civic Engagement

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We hold many events with our interfaith neighbors, so step up and join us as we proceed for a better humanity. Want to partner up with us? We’ll post our latest events here, so join us, and learn more by contacting [email protected]!


MAS PACE ACTIVITIES include Public Relations, Civic Education and Engagement, Political Involvement and Participation, Public Policy Alignment and Advocacy, Coalition and Alliance building, Interfaith Outreach and Collaboration, Youth Leadership Development and Mentoring, Media Relations, National and International Conferences, Workshop and Training forums

MAS PACE: What We Do...

We connect the American Muslim community with the society at large through a comprehensive empowerment process which includes public relations, civic engagement, political involvement, interfaith collaboration, coalition building, and media outreach with the ultimate objective of institutionalizing the civic engagement activities throughout the American Muslim community and within MAS local chapters.

Our Activities

  • Public Relations
  • Civic Education and Engagement
  • Political Involvement and Participation
  • Public Policy Alignment and Advocacy
  • Coalition and Alliance Building
  • Interfaith Outreach and Collaboration
  • Youth Leadership Development and Mentoring
  • Media Relations
  • National and International Conferences
  • Workshop and Training Forums

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