Category: MAS PACE

Interfaith & Community Partnership

Pastor Joani Peacock and the women from Emmanuel Episcopal church have stood with us in solidarity and have deployed themselves for the next three weeks to attend our Jumuah prayer. They are fulfilling their tenant of faith of “Love thy Neighbor,” so if you happen to see them at Jumuah, be sure to say ‘hello’. […]

Public Advocacy and Community Engagement

For the last 4 years we have continued to develop relationships with the interfaith and civic communities. Because the community knew who we are through our various commitments and cooperation with them over the years, they have come out to show strong support when we need it most. We stand with them in our immense determination towards […]

Meeting with Local Government Officials

MAS PACE is hard at work making sure our community is safe. We met with District Supervisor, Penny Gross, to discuss how to secure our community in the coming days. We are most grateful for the fast security measures promised for our community.

Law Enforcement & Interfaith Support

The Chief of Police of Fairfax County attended Friday after the first Jumuah prayer (12:40pm) to reassure us that the Muslim American community’s safety is a priority for the county. He also held a private meeting with institution representatives from various Islamic institutions, Masajid, and communities.The Chief and many other faith leaders discussed how to protect our […]

VOICE Action Meeting

VOICE Action meeting was held at Fairfax Methodist Church, where 350 people came together. We had 28 members from the MAS community taking action and engaging our Interfaith communities. Special thanks to all attendees. Interested? Join us!