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Prayer Times

   Prayer              Iqaamah

    Fajr                          6:25 AM

    Thuhr                       1:30 PM

    Asr                           5:00 PM

    Maghrib             After Athaan

    Ishaa                        8:00 PM


    First Prayer             12:00 PM

    Second Prayer           1:15 PM

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Syrian Refugees: Winter Donation Drive
Fitness Foundations
Family Circle Saturdays from 7:00-9:30pm Adults: Quran Reading, Tajweed and Tafseer classes, lead by Sh. Dawood and Br. Hussam for brothers, and Sister Lina for sisters. Children (3-5): Sister Randa has prepared a program of arts and crafts. Kids (6-10): Sister Maysaa, owner of Smart Minds Learning, will provide a “Mental Math” program for boys and girls. Youth: Sister Zeinab will organize programs for youngsters (11-13) and youth (14-up) boys and girls titled “Codes of Quran” series. Bring your family, invite your friends, come learn, socialize and get the rewards.  
Girl Scouts Registration Day is September 30th!
Alif Baa Iqra’a Story Time First Saturday of Every Month


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